Friday, January 9, 2009

This is the Infamous Kitty. We shot this back in Nov.
I would have to go back to the psd. to figure out how I
processed this thing ( tons of layers ). One of those that
you just keep going and it just keeps getting better and
Kitty is a hoot to work with, very easy going and takes
well to my jokes which is a must . The first time we shot
a few minutes went by, I gave her a funny look and told
her one of her eyes was crooked. Now keep in mind we
had just met not 30 minutes prior. She took it well and we
laughed it off. I knew after that we would be working together
again. If you can take my humor well and know thats all it is
we will work wonders !
Thanks Kitty for putting up with my jokes. here is a link to
her modeling site if your interested.....

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